Marie Wright

marie wright

Marie is a breath of fresh air and when we were introduced to her coaching services in 2019 we immediately connected. An attentive listener, a champion of positivity, she worked with us to tease out our values, our strengths, our differences, our saboteurs and eventually this empowered us to start NewLeaf with confidence and deep understanding. 


Tell us a bit about you Marie.

My friends would describe me as empathetic, enthusiastic and energetic, as well as pragmatic, calm in a crisis and compassionate. I believe I am warm, loving and kind and I am also a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Outside work I love doing hot yoga, the freedom of cycling on or off-road, skiing like a lunatic, and the magical feeling of sleeping under canvas whilst camping with my family. I also love open water swimming and can confess to loving an occasional skinny dip now and then – as long as there is no danger of scaring a passer-by.

I belong to the Tunbridge Wells Speakers Club and love listening to and giving speeches on a regular basis. I used to be terrified of public speaking, however in the spirit of being bold, I faced my fear head on, stepped out of my comfort zone, let go of worrying about failure and being perfect and now actually enjoy it – who knew!

I have also recently joined a netball club and have become obsessed! I am loving playing a team sport again, and my competitive nature is being rediscovered! 

Otherwise I am normally found enjoying time with my family or with my head in a book.


What was your inspiration for starting Bold Bean Coaching?

I wanted a career change, and was determined to do something I felt passionate about, was meaningful to me and that I felt proud of. Coaching speaks into all of those things. I also believe that it aligns with both my values and my strengths, and more importantly I love it – in fact it doesn’t feel like work. 


What are you most passionate about at work?

I gain the greatest pleasure from seeing my clients have real “a-ha” moments – when the penny drops and they have a realisation that removes a block and gets them unstuck, which then frees them up to becoming unstoppable in achieving their goals. I also love working with SME’s to help improve performance within the business which has a direct positive effect on productivity, culture and well-being.


What was your first year like?

I started training to become a coach in 2016 with the Academy of Executive Coaching and worked for 6 months for free coaching graduate trainees at a company and various other leaders within my network. This helped me build my confidence, develop my own style and strategy for growing the business. From there some leaders kept me on a retainer and then word of mouth spread through referrals. I was then approached to work alongside a company as an associate and my client base grew very quickly. 

Joining the Tunbridge Wells Women in Business group helped me with all different areas of running a business that I didn’t know about. It was fantastic support, learning and seeking advice and referring each other. That sense of community is very important to me. 

My real breakthrough came at the start of my second year when I met and started working with a business coach myself and she gave me the confidence and the belief to rebrand, develop a stronger proposition and that was my rocket launching turning point and I haven’t looked back since.


What clients have you been working with recently?

I have individual private clients who come to me directly, several associate roles, and I also work on a retainer basis with a number of SME’s within a variety of industry sectors. It is the latter that I enjoy the most, and I am currently looking to grow my business further in this area. I really enjoy partnering with the CEO and / or SLT to coach both senior as well as junior employees across the business to improve performance and enable them to reach their full potential. This enables senior leaders to focus on the business, and prevents and solves people issues, which are problematic and time consuming.


What can people expect from your coaching sessions, team facilitation and group workshops?

I work very hard to ensure my clients get as much as they possibly can out of every session. They can expect to be challenged, but from a place of compassion, and I bring energy and enthusiasm into every conversation as well as encouragement and empathy. 

I like to ensure that my clients gain a real clarity around what they want to achieve, what’s in the way of achieving it and how to remove those barriers, and therefore have a clear understanding of behaviours they may wish to change and how they can do this in order to reach their goals. 

I work closely with the leadership team to devise programmes that seek to get the best out of senior and junior individuals, whether this be focussing on overcoming challenges they are facing both personally and professionally, building confidence, managing conflict, removing limiting beliefs that drain energy and impinge on satisfaction, engagement and ultimately productivity.

The outcome is improved performance, productivity, effectiveness and focus, which leads to greater engagement, satisfaction and retention, as well as improved health, which in turn results in significantly increased profits for the business.

I will quickly become part of the team and with my enthusiasm, energy and warmth provide a safe and positive space for people to flourish and enhance the culture of work.


How do you charge clients?

For my work with SME’s I prefer to operate a retainer basis, asking for a minimum commitment of 2 days coaching per month. 

Otherwise I offer coaching packages of 6 or 8 sessions.


How can our tribe help you?

Get in touch if I can help you grow your business with one-to-one coaching, team facilitation and / or group workshops. I am available for regular face to face work in London.

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