A Principled Approach

Over 40 years combined experience of starting, scaling and leading businesses, has led us to develop frameworks of practical wisdom; clear principles that can be applied in the real world, resulting in high performance teams and cultures.

Timeless, foundational truths, the right ways to work in all elements of business, that produce the results you want without compromising your integrity, understanding that the values you hold are not a barrier, but the route to sustainable profitability.

We can help you turn your vision into a reality.

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About Us

Two men (Mark Nesbitt and Thomas Lebor) in a meeting room, deep in conversation

In our 20 year business relationship, we have forged a formidable partnership. Playing to our complimentary personalities and strengths, there is no doubt we see and bring out the best in each other.

Deep down we have always shared the same values. We love helping and leading people, we care about social justice, community and about business excellence.

We are serial entrepreneurs, having started several multi-million pound businesses, leading up to 250 people, with clients including Unicef, EDF Energy, O2, Oxfam, Royal Bank of Scotland and Accenture.

With experience came wisdom. Our passion is to share what we have learned. Our mission is to empower values led and purpose driven leaders to scale their business effectively and create the life they want

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“At a time when I was looking for answers to how to manage my time more effectively to ensure work and life commitments were at an equilibrium, I was introduced to NewLeaf. The programme designed has been enormously beneficial, focusing on where and what I was spending time on has enabled me to be more judicious and identify areas for my focus. Mark and Tom bring relatable concepts and methodologies to everyday problems with kindness, empathy and understanding. Their backgrounds in leadership and business lend to applicable solutions. A highly recommended programme worth the investment. Thank you Mark and Tom.”

“I believe many leaders at varying stages in their careers would benefit from working with Mark and Tom. The course is bespoke, analytical and practical and has been incredibly useful in terms of framing what is important to me as a leader and how this can be used to help strengthen my organisations and develop others.

It requires a time commitment in order to maximise the courses impact but I can assure you it’s benefits are significant. I particularly like the daily reminders and tasks as they really helped me focus on learning the principles.”

“We commissioned Mark and Tom to take a look at our face-to-face fundraising operation as this was an area of focus for Oxfam at the time and we wanted to understand from an external perspective what we were doing well and what we could improve on.

They designed and we approved an audit plan which encompassed meeting key members of the team, analysing kpi data then provided us with a report and recommendations.

They were both professional and knowledgeable, each bringing a different perspective to the project. We implemented a few of their recommendations and the operation went on to be more successful.”

“Imagine having two of the best people you could meet at your side, working just as hard for you as they would for themselves. That’s what it feels like working with these two, giving their all and absolute care and attention to me personally.

The course really helped me quickly get to the heart of some of the big issues in my life, identifying my guiding principles, and how these link to the rest of my life and career.

They also help inspire action. I had a couple of problem issues I’d been procrastinating on for years, which finally got actioned within a couple of weeks from starting the course.”

“Mark was our Chairman for 7 years, during which time he mentored the Directors and our team. He helped us to use our time more effectively and put more processes in place so that we could become more productive as a company. He guided us through the process of establishing our core values so that we could focus on our clients’ needs as well as our team’s wellbeing and productivity.”

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