Our mission

To empower values led and purpose driven leaders to scale their business effectively and create the life they want

Our Vision

Provide the leaders of 12 growth-stage businesses with the ongoing wisdom, support, inspiration and network they need to build and sustain great companies

Our Values

Our 40+ years combined experience of starting, scaling and leading businesses has led us to develop frameworks of practical wisdom that can be applied in any business. These result in high performance teams and cultures, leading to sustainable growth and profits.

We are results focused, dedicated to win-win relationships, working where our impact is significant.

We only work with values-led leaders that have the humility to learn and the drive to build something great.

Committed to openness and providing emotional support, we believe that meaningful connections are both valuable and necessary for human beings in life and business.

We focus on A Principled Approach, seeking to create clear pathways that inspire action.

Our Journey

We began starting and building businesses together in 2003 and have experienced first-hand what a roller coaster ride it can be – exciting, fun and rewarding, but also challenging emotionally, mentally and ethically.

In the early days, we failed to turn our good intentions into reality, growing our companies rapidly, but firefighting amongst the chaos every step of the way.

Several years in, we were lucky enough to find an exceptional Business Advisor & Mentor. He taught us that a leader’s values aren’t in conflict with the success of a business, but are in fact the cornerstones of it. He taught us how to turn our vision into reality. He taught us how to run a good business.

Years later, having applied and refined those business principles within the framework of our own values, we feel both inspired and qualified to pass on our wisdom, so you can turn your vision into a reality.

Unusually we operate as a coaching and mentoring team, having forged a formidable partnership.

We share in our vision, mission, values and principles; yet we are very different people, with very different, complimentary strengths.

Whenever two people see the world in the same way, one of them is unnecessary!

Our Leaders

A man (Thomas Lebor) pointing at a white board explaining a leadership concept

Mark says  – “My esteemed business partner and friend, there is no-one on this Earth I’d rather travel this road with.

After a rocky few years back at the beginning of our relationship we have gone on to forge a formidable partnership, playing to our complimentary personalities and strengths.

Tom is the epitome of a values and principled centred person, who demonstrates in his actions a steadfast adherence to integrity.

He is a humble man, who relishes the opportunity to support people to grow and run awesome companies.”



A man (Mark Nesbitt) in front of a white board, explaining a leadership concept

Tom says – “Mark is a natural leader who truly embodies the abundance mentality. He is a paragon of positivity, integrity, humility, wisdom & loyalty.

I have seen him stick to our principles and values in the toughest of times, and that really is the litmus test of a person’s character.

He loves nothing more than helping people to learn, grow and develop and he is always looking to learn and grow himself.

I’m both proud and lucky to have been his business partner and friend all these years and look forward to working together for many more.”

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