How do you get the ebst out of and hold on to your people

There are so many mistakes ehre are two classics as a atster. Get selsction right and you have a lot less to do and don’t ingore goosd peole, spengin all your time delnig wotht the ones that casue problesm.  People promited tht shouldn’t. Yu just wnat people in roels they excell at.

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If you rank in order the things that drive success in a business, No.1 on the list would be what that organisation does, it’s product. No.2 is the quality of its people.

If you want to run a great company, you need to develop rigour around selecting the right people. But that’s only half the battle, you also you need to know what ‘great’ looks like and how to select for it. If you haven’t got that right, you’ll be performing sub-optimally, and if you’re growing, you’ll build a house of cards. We’ve watched many companies grow and then fail for this reason and this reason alone.

In this course we will:

  • Freedom within a Framework, 12 questions, measurements, red flags, management talent, PERIOD plus again – telling the future, Inputs not outputs, What is wrong with the standard management method) individuals, 80/20 rule what does a good manger look like (not time, not
  • he power of rigorous selection decisions
  • The rule of crappy people
  • The difference between talent, character and skills and why that matters
  • A common selection language
  • What to test for, and very importantly, what not to test for
  • The real value/failings of interviews
  • The funnel – where the interview process starts and ends
  • A template for creating a selection process for every role in your company
  • How to put the right people in the right roles
  • The incredible power of upgrading


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