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“Effective management without effective leadership is like straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic” – Stephen Covey


Leadership is a paradoxical mix of great will and personal humility

Our leadership programmes are built on the premise that everything flows from the top in an organisation. As a leader you are where the culture originates and you are the guardian of it:

  • Your behaviour is what everyone looks to and emulates
  • You set out the organisation’s mission and values
  • You decide on the organisation’s systems and processes
  • You choose the people who work in your organisation

Ultimately if you want to be a great leader and run a great organisation, you must work on you first. You need to have the humility to recognise that you are a servant of your organisation, that you always need to learn, grow and develop; and have the rigour to follow through on those learnings every single day.

“At a time when I was looking for answers to how to manage my time more effectively to ensure work and life commitments were at an equilibrium, I was introduced to NewLeaf. The programme designed has been enormously beneficial, focusing on where and what I was spending time on has enabled me to be more judicious and identify areas for my focus. Mark and Tom bring relatable concepts and methodologies to everyday problems with kindness, empathy and understanding. Their backgrounds in leadership and business lend to applicable solutions. A highly recommended programme worth the investment. Thank you Mark and Tom.”

“I believe many leaders at varying stages in their careers would benefit from working with Mark and Tom. The course is bespoke, analytical and practical and has been incredibly useful in terms of framing what is important to me as a leader and how this can be used to help strengthen my organisations and develop others.

It requires a time commitment in order to maximise the courses impact but I can assure you it’s benefits are significant. I particularly like the daily reminders and tasks as they really helped me focus on learning the principles.”

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