Working together we will help you to:

  • Explore your vision and purpose at work
  • Know your 5 core values
  • Understand your core strengths
  • Enhance your key professional relationships and roles with specific values and goals
  • Use the GROW model to set specific goals and then action them

Your Personal Vision & Mission

Your Core Values


  Integrity/Self control

  Kindness & Compassion


  Rational thinking

Your 5 Core Strengths






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Your Roles, Values & Goals

Roles Values Vision Goals
Individual Fulfilled. A feeling that there is nothing I need to fundamentally change.
Husband Seek first to understand, fun. Facilitate and help her happiness.
Father Facilitate and help her growth and happiness. Leave her a legacy that gives her the life she wants.
Friend Respect, depth, selflessness. Fun and deep interdependent relationships.
Community Leader Interdependence.
Investor Rentals. Retirement  – £45k a year after tax ASAP (increasing with inflation).
Director of NewLeaf Synergy, adventure, freedom, autonomy See company vision, mission and values.
Coach, Mentor, Adviser Helping others, wisdom (sharing learning with others). See company vision, mission and values.
Sales & Marketing NewLeaf An effective sales funnel. A presence that reflects our value, personality and ethos.
Finance NewLeaf Prudence.
Admin NewLeaf Efficiency, minimisation, delegation.


Goal – What do you want to achieve and why?


Reality – Where are you now? What has been holding you back?




Options – What options do you have in front of you? Are there others?


Will – Which path will you decide to take? What is the long term risk / reward?



Next steps