Supporting you with my coaching network to help you overcome your anxiety and build your self-confidence. To provide you with a personal growth programme to improve your leadership skills, professional development in your role as CPO and improve your relationships.  Be a consistent presence long term through ongoing mentoring to help you live the life you want and specifically take steps to develop your career.

Working together I will:

  • Help you develop your career
  • Improve your confidence and communication
  • Maximise your relationships
  • Understand yourself more – personality, strengths, values
  • Use the GROW coaching model
  • Create a web based record for you to refer to in the future (see my personal examples below)




Goal – What do you want to achieve and why?


RealityWhere are you now? What has been holding you back?


Options – What options do you have in front of you? Are there others?


Will – Which path will you decide to take? What is the long term risk / reward?



Your Personal Vision & Mission (mine as an example)


Your 5 Core Values (mine as an example)






Your 5 Core Strengths (mine as an example)






 Full report

Next steps

Next steps

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Location: Zoom or In-Person



Arrange an free introductory 90 minute session to get to know each other and discuss the programme and your needs