Who is challenging and supporting you?

Being a leader is difficult in many ways. You have to to make tough decisions every day, stay on top of a never-ending workload and influence and lead others. Using the GROW Model we will support you to explore your needs and your business goals.


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The GROW Model

  • Goal – What do you want to achieve and why?
  • Reality – Where are you now? What has been holding you back?
  • Options – What options do you have in front of you? Are there others?
  • Will – Which path will you decide to take? What is the long term risk / reward?

We offer a mix of in-person and online sessions focused on you as a leader in your organisation, at a pace, scope and cost that works for you.

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“Imagine having two of the best people you could meet at your side, working just as hard for you as they would for themselves. That’s what it feels like working with these two, giving their all and absolute care and attention to me personally.

The course really helped me quickly get to the heart of some of the big issues in my life, identifying my guiding principles, and how these link to the rest of my life and career.

They also help inspire action. I had a couple of problem issues I’d been procrastinating on for years, which finally got actioned within a couple of weeks from starting the course.”

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