You have to diagnose before you prescribe

Every element of a business can be systematised and made coherent with the wider whole, ensuring that the culture, behaviours, systems and practices are aligned with and actively support your business strategy. An outside perspective can highlight where this may not be the case and provide you with ideas and opportunities to improve.


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Our audits:

  • Assess where your business is now against where you want it to be
  • Discover what is being done well and what can be strengthened
  • Establish where our principles can be applied to make improvements
  • Provide you with strategies and priorities to help you grow and develop your business
  • Give understandings to know which relationships to end, redefine or renew


We offer audits with the scale and focus that you want, from a complete audit of every aspect of your business, to one specific area you think needs attention.

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“We commissioned Mark and Tom to take a look at our face-to-face fundraising operation as this was an area of focus for Oxfam at the time and we wanted to understand from an external perspective what we were doing well and what we could improve on.

They designed and we approved an audit plan which encompassed meeting key members of the team, analysing kpi data then provided us with a report and recommendations.

They were both professional and knowledgeable, each bringing a different perspective to the project. We implemented a few of their recommendations and the operation went on to be more successful.”

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