Johann Hari

There is no escaping the conversation and indeed the experiencing of poor mental health, either personally or with someone close to you, both in your personal and professional life. As a leader you are where the culture originates in your organisation. Seeking knowledge and taking action is the best thing to do for your business and the right thing to do for your people.

“Every human being has natural psychological needs. You need to feel you belong. You need to feel your life has meaning and purpose. You need to feel that people see you and value you. You need to feel you’ve got a future that makes sense. And this culture we built is good at lots of things. And many things are better than in the past. I’m glad to be alive today. But we’ve been getting less and less good at meeting these deep, underlying psychological needs. And it’s not the only thing that’s going on, but I think it’s the key reason why this crisis keeps rising and rising. And I found this really hard to absorb.
I really wrestled with the idea of shifting from thinking of my depression as just a problem in my brain, to one with many causes, including many in the way we’re living.” – Johann Hari

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