Tim Ferriss

tim ferriss

It was 2007 and Tom and I were running 2 businesses, one with 250 people and another with 100 people. We genuinely wanted to and thought we would become millionaires. Our offices in the West End of London were fabulous; the furniture was pink and white and green, including an incredible pink table made from one piece of wood and stretching 8 meters long. Everything was about opportunity, growth and success. We were driven, hard working leaders with a hell of a lot of energy, positivity and gumption. But looking back. We didn’t have a clue what we we’re doing. We had no road map. We were chasing turnover. Quite simply we were making it up as we went along. And what a ride it was. Until the 2008 financial crash took the rug from under our feet and we eventually after a long struggle let go of one of our businesses and scaled back the other to just a dozen people.

When Tim Ferriss published The 4-Hour Work Week in 2007 it seemed everyone in the entrepreneurial world was talking about it. It changed our mindset and we know from talking with others that it changed theirs too. With the future of our business ambitions on the table in 2009 we took the decision to create a company with a work/life balance facilitating us to be present at home as we both started a family and then for the next 10 years worked 3 days per week, enjoying other interests outside of work.

The book seeks to inspire you to think differently about the work you’re doing. Can someone else do that task and series of tasks for less money and more effectively? So why are you still doing that task or series of tasks? Do you really want and think it’s effective for you to work all the hours you do? So why are you doing it?

At the very least read the book…