A Transformational Culture

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Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be introduced to David Liddle, the owner of The TCM Group who for over 20 years have been at the cutting edge of conflict resolution, culture change and leadership development; helping put their customers values, purpose and people first.

David was kind enough to give me a signed copy of his new book Transformational Culture – Develop a People-Centred Organization for Improved Performance, so Tom and I both set about reading it this Summer.

If you are running your own business or are involved in governance, leadership or management you’ll be interested in this original and practical framework to help you learn, grow and develop – something we firmly beleive in.

He introduces the Transformational Culture Model which is comprised of three distinct elements:

1. The Transformational Culture Hub

This is a cross functional team who are brought together as creators and ambassadors of the systems and processes that inform the culture.

2. The 8 Strategic Enablers

Values first; evidence based; the people and culture function; leadership and management; Resolution Framework; wellbeing, engagement and inclusion; sustainability and social justice; and brand, reputation and risk.

3. The 7C’s of Transformation

Courage; Connection; Collaboration; Common Purpose; Communication; Compassion; Curiosity.

Without a doubt there is wisdom in Davids model as he seeks to disrupt a HR model that is broken and not fit for purpose; something we learned early in our careers.

In our view transforming a culture takes years of discipline, focus, collaboration, learning and enjoyment. It takes a considerable investment of money and positive energy.

Leaders need to believe that the current trajectory of their business will not serve stakeholders in the long run and set about scoping and then implementing a transformation. This will take courage, foresight and exceptional leadership.

Find out more at transformationalculture.com